California Cannabis Compliance Alliance

Economy of Scale

Come together, into the light... 

cooperatively sharing resources to help local small cannabis endeavors flourish

If we come together and work under an ALLIANCE, we have the opportunity to not get shut out of the new opportunities and to not see an interruption of our small businesses. If we successfully band together for compliance issues, we can potentially work together for collective marketing, processing and craft designation, further ensuring that the local small business, farmer, and entities have a place in the new cannabis market. 

Coordinated Compliance &....

If we join forces, we can ease the financial and logistical burdens of compliance. If we join forces, we can have a greater voice in how rules are implemented. If we join forces, we may be able to create collective marketing opportunities and possibly create collective processing, which would greatly economize the small operator's efforts. We have the opportunity to ensure the survival of our small communities if we work together.

It's a New Time For Cannabis.

California's new cannabis laws create an intricate framework for the regulation of the cannabis industry. In addition to new State laws, local areas are passing additional regulations. To make matters worse, old rules are still in place until the new rules can be fully implemented. Confusion over State vs. Local, Old vs. New, and other relevant topics (water use) could have the effect of discouraging the small operator.